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Instructional Design
Training & Manual Development

Pelican staff has extensive expertise in the areas of Technical Writing, Instructional Design and Content Development. These skills allow Pelican Engineering to develop a wide range of training and instructional materials including software manuals, online training programs and instructional presentations.


Software Manuals
Pelican is able to develop a range of top quality software manuals. All instructional documentation is developed by skilled a team including a technical writers, content expert and an instructional designer. These software manuals can be developed for Print, PDF and Online distribution.


Instructional Presentations
Pelican has the ability to develop training presentation for a variety of complex training tasks. These presentations can be developed using a variety of tools including Flash Animations, Video, voice instruction, images and detailed instructional text. These presentations can be delivered locally or online.


Product Demonstrations
Product Demonstrations are an effective way to give potential clients and new users a solid overview on the capabilities of a piece of software. Product demos can be developed as a Flash presentation or as a series of screen capture videos.