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The following downloads work with 4D v11 & v12. The compiled tools are available as is with no support for free. If you wish the source code for any of these tools it is $500 USD per item. We will update these tools as changes are made internally. Please email any bug reports to - bugs at and we will do our best to address them in a follow on release.

The JSON component allows you to create and unpack JavaScript Object Notation Objects in 4D 12. This component provides an easier environment to work in than using XML over HTTP with JS.

• Download JSON Component and Documentation v1.0.31 (4D v12, includes 64bit)

• Download JSON Component only for v13 (4D v13, includes 64bit)

The S3 component allows easy access to Amazon's Storage service from 4D v11 and v12. It includes the SHA plugin to properly hash the authentication information for S3.

• Download S3 Component and Documentation v1.0.10 includes SHA plugin (includes v11 and v12 versions)

• ExtJS/4D Appbuilder

Downloads with Free Source

The TextToArray source was generously provided by Jeff Kain at Orchard Software & Dave Batton at DataCraft. This is packaged as a CodeWarrior Project - no support is provided.

• Download TextToArray Plugin Source